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Tips for Ski Holiday Insurance

Consider an annual mutlitrip policy

Many annual mutli trip travel insurance policies include a certain number of days winter sports cover free of charge, this can often work out a fair bit cheaper then adding the required ski cover to a standard single trip travel insurance policy. There are many further benefits to the annual travel insurance policies such as increased levels of cover but we always recommend you check the cover provided is what you require before taking out a policy, the last thing anyone wants is to be up on the slopes enjoying themselves and to need help but not have the correct cover in place.

Check over the level of cover offered

As meantioned before, its important you check out the level of cover offered before taking out a policy, if it wasn't, we wouldn't be saying twice!.

Remember to take into account not just the medical and cancellation cover in place but the cover levels in relation to any expensive ski equipment items and also the excess in place.

Always pay due care and attention to your equipment

If you don't look after your equipment, your insurance policy is less likely to help in the result of a claim for stolen items. For example, it you leave it alone in a vehicle and it go missing, your insurance company could refuse the claim.